Mark F. Bernstein

What others are saying:

  "The gift of discerning large portents in small things is useful in politics.  Mark Bernstein demonstrates that with his meticulous analysis of some data that should deepen the depression many Democrats are feeling."
George F. Will, Newsweek, May 29, 1995, reviewing Mark's analysis of recent congressional election trends

Praise for Football: The Ivy League Origins of an American Obsession

  "Mr. Bernstein's meticulous study makes interesting arguments . . . [and] offers dazzling descriptions of long-forgotten people and events." 
       The Wall Street Journal

  "A treasure trove of facts and stories. . . .  An excellent resource for football historians and those interested in the Ivy League."

Praise for The Almanac of State Legislative Elections
  "This is a terrific resource for everyone who wants to keep up on American politics and demographics.  The graphics are beautiful and the descriptions of each state are excellent."
     Michael Barone, author of The Almanac of American Politics

  "The book has stunningly rich graphics and a wealth of invaluable data for the study of politics at the state and local level.  It . . . is all but indispensable for the serious student of elections and political behavior."
    David M. Kennedy, author of Freedom From Fear: The American People in Depression and War, 1929-1945

Praise for "8:Ivy League Football & America"

   "A Must See for any student of this great sport.  The story of football's birth and evolution told as tight and true as a Sid Luckman spiral."

    Stone Phillips, former Dateline NBC anchor

   "A reminder of an age when the Ivy League was big-time football and players like Chuck Bednarik and Brian Dowling were larger than life.  This film tells the story lovingly and honestly."

   Ray Didinger, NFL Hall of Fame

   "I grew up in New Haven, Connecticut, which means I grew up watching Ivy League football.  There was a large hole under the fence outside Yale Bowl where my friends and I sneaked into every game in the Yale season.  This movie, '8', makes me remember why we did it.  Great stuff.  Makes me even want to buy a ticket."

   Leigh Montville, Sports Illustrated

  "A Must See for any student of this great sport.  The story of football's birth and evolution told as tight and true as a Sid

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